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Andrew Varela interviews Joe Spieldenner and it’s amazin

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Stage door photos! Les Miserables was so good aaaaa and the Fox Theatre is ludicrously ornate and Jackie had inundated/indoctrinated me with various cast recordings (my first musical ever and now with this out of the way I’m stuck wanting to see Chess whoops) but holy crap now there is stagecraft! I am probably far too in love with how theatre seeks any excuse to make actors carry in bits of furniture inconspicously. There were symbolic candles during Turning and Empty Chairs :D Also I think I cried during like all of Fantine’s songs welp and Eponine has such a good voice and Grantaire was awesome and apparently Jackie had seen Valjean as Marius at some point

So yes, stage door photos with Enjolras, Grantaire, and Javert (we could tell who was coming because he had sideburns :V), and we got a few more autographs besides (Eponine, Cosette, Feuilly, today’s Madame Thenardier, and young Cosette who has not yet learned to sign illegibly). Joseph Spieldenner said my jacket was Enjolras-like, hurrah! (Not pictured: Jackie’s red tights and my black skirt, we were not subtly dressed.)

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