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Episode 12 Cruise Blues. I Want a Boyfriend, too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship

the cutest disguise ok

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#the flight attendant is pretty cute too

#bisexuality: obivious with hindsight

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Sailor Moon - Official English Dub Clip - Usagi Meets Mamoru

I just did a spit take at “purple pleated pants”. Ha!

hey so does anyone else who grew up watching the old dub and Peanuts cartoons think Usagi sounds kinda like a Peanuts character now, I guess because she sounds more like a kid and the yelling

also the part with the classic dubbing Slight Mid-Sentence Pause Of Matching Lip Flaps is like how some Peanuts characters would have those slight pauses, because the lines were too wordy for the child actor to do in one go

so I literally do not know my opinion of her new voice because my brain is still going “hey kid why are you watching two cartoons at once does not compute”

punchline: Luna is not a muted trombone, I am disappoint

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#also purple pleated pants yes good

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This past Saturday was Qpopshop’s Magical Girl Heroines opening night!

What an AMAZING turn out! It was so much fun hanging out with other Sailor Moon fans. There was a great energy in the air….Actually it would’ve been a great opportunity for the negaverse to drain us! Thankfully there were some of the coolest Sailor Moon cosplay that I’ve ever seen that probably scared off any of Queen Beryl’s minions.

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