so these nerds came by and asked if I could draw these characters from this game called ‘Tron’ I mean uhhh yeaahhh… Abraxas and Radia badges I did for jaclynhyde and uhhh I DON’T KNOW YOUR TUMBLR NAME but it was super sweet meeting you guuuuyyyss.

Other than that mostly dumb sketches I did to entertain myself today at AWA… spent most of the day trying to draw a legacy Sark and a super crappy legacy Tron.  Luckily I snapped a picture of it before I got carried away with ~feathering~ Fridays are super slow okay I was bored.

And then a random Tron and a mafiaau!Lieutenant.

THE BADGES THEY ARE SO DAMN COOL and Spooky is spookysage and it was awesome meeting you eeeeee

ah, badges, the surefire way to keep future cosplays from slipping the wrong way down the queue :Db (next year is booked, sadly unless I get bored and suddenly miraculously competent)

also, daaaaang Lieutenant 

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